We offer a broad range of services from horse boarding, lessons, training, camps, trail rides and provide standard packages depending on needs. We will also work with you to customize a package that will help you reach your goals.

Horse Boarding

Full Care Horse Boarding: Stall or Private Paddock


  • New 12X14 well-bedded stalls
  • Rubber matting in all stalls
  • Premium Coastal Hay – Fed twice per day
  • Mineral salt blocks
  • Custom Performance Grain mixed feed – Fed twice per day
  • Separate turnout for each horse in a safe board fence paddocks
  • Daily turnout (horses get turned out either all day or all night depending on your stall area)
  • Annual vet handling for shots/worming/coggins

Full Care Horse Boarding: Natural Boarding


  • Unlimited free choice coastal hay
  • Custom Performance Grain mixed feed – Fed twice per day
  • Mineral salt blocks
  • Large turnout in coastal pastures
  • Supplemental feeding as requested
  • Annual vet handling for shots/worming/coggins
  • Horses fed individually to reduce conflicts

Riding Lessons

Dressage and Hunter/Jumper

We offer private, semi-private and group lessons seven days a week in both Dressage and Hunter/Jumper for adults and children of all skill levels, from beginner to advanced. Well-schooled lessons horses and equipment are available for use during these lessons. Lesson horses are also available for lease to help you improve your riding skill and get more time in the saddle. Beginning riders can lease a horse to get a better idea of fit before buying their first horse or moving up to the next level of horsemanship.

We offer the highest level of expertise for serious riders to develop their skills and love of riding. Periodically, Hunter/Jumper and Dressage instructors and judges from other states are bought to our facilities to run special clinics and events for our clients.

While we have a passion for all things horse, we also have a special understanding for beginner riders. Let our caring, compassionate instructors show you the way into the equestrian world in a safe, judgement free environment.

Horse Training

“Nothing forced is ever beautiful!” – The famous quote by Xenophon. White Fences Equestrian Center and all its trainers believes understanding this is the first step in training a horse.

Our trainers have been working with horses for over thirty years and the training philosophy at White Fences Equestrian Center is a result of these experiences, understanding and patience.

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All the trainers at White Fences, adhere to classical Dressage principles. We believe that riding must be a source of enjoyment for horse and rider, derived from dedication and hard work. We employ the USDF / USEF Pyramid of Training in our approach and uses it as a basis for discussion with owners.

The training staff has been immersed in these ideas and follows that approach and leadership, ranging from starting a foal off at birth to appreciate the companionship of humans to starting a training program that brings a young horse under saddle, to perfecting FEI movements. This wide range of capabilities extends to hunter, jumper and western training including barrels.

It all begins with understanding the horse. An awareness of the horse’s physical and mental capabilities, age, experiences, and breeding are the foundations of the White Fences training program. It also incorporates the way the horse responds best to training and of course tailoring this training process to the owner’s goals. While the approach is both systematic and disciplined, we aim to ensure the horse is happy and relaxed in the process of “work”.

Rather than looking for quick-fixes, we focus on the long-term success and satisfaction of each rider and horse success. Our experience provides a depth of knowledge of different exercises, movements, training aids and when they are useful. Our focus balances training of the horse, the rider, and the two together. Time has proven this approach is very successful not only to the Dressage horse but also improves the performance of horses for other riding disciplines and activities.

A well behaved and secure horse is always a priority at White Fences Equestrian Center. Trust is an easy concept to understand and it is as applicable to humans as it is to horses. Trust with a horse goes two ways; your trust in them and their trust in you. The horse’s trust in you is a little more fragile.

Your trust in the horse relates to the foundation, ground manners, training, and quality time spent with the horse. You know how they are going to react to situations. With the proper training based on trust and respect, you can have a horse that you can feel safe and secure with.

White Fences offers behavior training that helps your horse to develop, grow, learn and do so in positive manner. The basis for good ground manners is respect. A respectful horse pays close attention to his handler, obeys commands, and is careful not to do things that could hurt his handler. All the training at White Fences is based on establishing respect.

Behavior training ranges from ground manners and standing in cross ties, to lunging, trailering, riding and much more. The White Fences team believes these essentials need to be taught to a horse.

Whether you are getting ready to show or just to tune up your horse’s skills, we can help you reach your goals. White Fences offers the following training options but working with you, White Fences Equestrian Center will develop a program that will meet your needs, goals, and your finances.

Type of TrainingNumber of RidesRates
Daily1*$60 or $75 per ride
*Depends on trainer
Partial Training8 rides/month$560/month
Full Training16 rides/month$1,120/month
Long Lining1$50 Per Session
Lunging1$50 Per Session

Horse Shows

Philosophy and Methodology

The White Fences Equestrian Competition teams are based on sportsmanship, friendship and the ideal of fair competition. The goal of the team is to develop each rider’s personal character and athletic skills to better their riding abilities while having fun with their friends and horses. While everyone works hard to progress and medal, we are a team together and support each other’s accomplishments.

Our team is composed of talented riders who have a hard working, winning attitude. There is special camaraderie among our riders and other barns. Everyone gets along really well and supports each other both inside and outside the ring. The team is always looking for new riders, regardless of skill and competitiveness but a positive attitude is a must.

At the show, instructors prepare the rider with the pre-show warm up lesson and then will warm-up the rider at least 30 minutes prior to entering the ring. Instructors watch their riders compete and spend time following the ride going over the performance.

Dressage Team

Dressage riders strive to achieve perfect harmony with their horse through: Communication, partnership, and correctness in their riding. Competition is an excellent way to demonstrate what they have achieved in partnership with their horse. Members include both seasoned and enthusiastic beginners. We strive to ensure that each person is showing at the appropriate level in a stress-free environment.

Prior to competing, the instructor will help build the right skills and abilities to help the rider feel confident in the ring including selecting the appropriate level and tests best suited to the rider and horse. At White Fences Equestrian Center, trainers, offers both competitive and noncompetitive riders the opportunity to “ride a test”. This aids the rider in being self-assured and at ease going through the movements.

Instructors also spend time reviewing the test with the rider for comments and providing guidance for upcoming rides. The goal is to encourage the rider by allowing them to build on their successes and challenges. Most important of all is that both horse and rider are safe, confident and have fun at the shows!


Hunter/Jumper Team

Horseback riding is a sport that any age can participate in. At White Fences, we believe that your goals are our goals. We strive to create a safe environment, while recognizing the abilities in each of our riders, and helping them to realize their full potential in a fun, safe and supportive setting. We like to cater to both adult and youth riders.

Our training program is a progression based on individual needs of each rider while encouraging confidence and the desire to help individuals reach their personal best in riding.

The following is applied to both Adult and Young Riders.

Young Rider Program

All incoming students are required to take one private class for the purpose of evaluating their individual riding levels. This approach assists both the student and the instructor in defining goals, providing meaningful lessons, and ensuring a safe training environment.


At first you may feel that just learning to stay on and steer the horse is a challenge. When that becomes easy many more learning opportunities present themselves. As you progress with riding and horse ownership you will always have questions and we are here to answer those questions. Even the most experienced equestrian would admit there is always something new to learn and that is what keeps riding so interesting.


The rider is really beginning to grasp onto the idea that they are the leader in the relationship with their horse and is beginning to see the results. The rider now can grasp theories and mechanics and begins applying them to improve response and relationship with their horse.


The rider has a well- developed sense of balance and timing. She understands sophisticated concepts of horse movement and sound principles of training and can perform the advanced maneuvers building a style of riding and it is very difficult to see the aids given to the horse.

At the intermediate and advanced levels, riders might be interested in competing at home, locally or in recognized United States Dressage Federation (USDF) shows. The White Fences team competes in many local, regional and national shows. We arrange transportation, feed and care for your horse for these shows.

Young Rider Program

The relationship between your child and riding instructor is one of the most important bonds he or she will develop outside the family. The relationship will shape the child’s attitude toward riding and the confidence he or she brings to the stable each day. Dressage lessons, furthermore, provide a foundation for any other kind of discipline that the rider wishes to pursue. The general understanding of horses and of one’s responsibilities with regard to horses transcend all riding disciplines. Horses are great teachers and will provide a child and young adult many hours of enjoyment.

Our training program is progression based on the individual needs of each rider while encouraging confidence and the desire to help individuals reach their personal best in riding. We are parents, we are riders so safety is our number one priority, closely followed by fun. Learning happens when fun is involved. We set our priorities as: Safety, Fun and Learning, in that order.

The first step is discovering what your child wants to accomplish with horses. The Young Rider Program is designed to help gain knowledge and bridge the gap between where your child is today and growing through learning, progression at their pace and possibly competition. The curriculum encourages young riders under 21 to become true horsemen with correct position, competitive skills, and knowledge of all aspects of riding and horse care. The Young Rider Program is designed to enable competition to further their education; to have fun and develop good sportsmanship throughout.

Our assessment process is important to understand where your child is and where they want to be in the future but it is also important that parents develop realistic expectations with the instructor as well. Working together the right choices for your child can result in a well-adjusted, confident young rider, whether or not a child ultimately chooses a career in horses, the skills learned during the formative years can be carried throughout life’s endeavors.

Rates and Services for Horse and Rider

Current as of October 20, 2016. Rates subject to change

Rider Training PackageDescriptionExtrasRates
The AssociateTotal up to 8 Services (Max 4 private lessons)$525
The ExecutiveTotal up to 12 Services (Max 6 private lessons)$800
The VIPTotal up to 18 Services (Max 8 Private Lessons)$1,000

Package Services

  • Private Lessons
  • Group Lessons
  • Semi Private Lessons
  • Training Rides
  • In Hand Work
  • Tack Cleaning
  • Baths
  • Lunging
  • Blanketing
  • Worming
  • Long Lining
  • Hand Walking
  • Mane Pulling
  • Fly Spray + Hoof Dressing
  • Clipping (counts as 4 services)

Lesson Horse Lease

Lesson horses are available for lease to tune up your riding skills or practice what you have learned in your lessons. This is the best offer for riders that would like to own their own horse but want to get more experience before committing.

Lessees must furnish their own tack and grooming supplies or may rent school equipment for a fee. Just ask and we can customize a program for you!

Lease TypePractice RidesRates
Partial Lease8 practice rides per month$400/month
Full Lease12 practice riders per month$570/month
Daily$50 per ride
Horse Show Usage$50 per day

Horse Care Services - A La Carte

Horse Care Services
Horse Show Services
Horse Trailering and Transportation
Vet Medical Care
Board and Feed
Horse Sales and Consulting
Horse Care Services

ServiceService DescriptionRate
BathsShow baths, fungus baths, medical baths$35.00
BlanketingWinter blanketing$55.00 per month
FansFan extra$35.00 per month
ClippingBridle path, whiskers, legs, throat latch, ears, eyes, coronet band, tail$50+
Trace ClipClassic trace clip$125.00
Body ClippingFull body clipping$175.00
Mane PulingPulling of mane$55+
WormingIncludes wormer (required every other month)$20 per application
Tack up and UntackGroom will tack your horse and untack them.$20.00
Basic Tack Cleaning$10.00
Thorough Tack Cleaning and Oiling$50.00
Natural trim$50.00
Farrier Assistance$20.00
Damage to FacilitiesCost plus labor

Horse Show Services

ServiceService DescriptionRate
Horse Show Daily Groom FeeDaily groom fee$125 (Split)
Horse Show Trainer’s day fee for single day shows$100 Per day
Horse show Trainer’s day fee for multiple day shows$75 Per day
Horse show showing per classTrainer shows your horse$25/per class
Horse show hotel, meals and expensesTrainer and groom splitsplit
Grooming and tack stallGrooming and tack stallssplit

Horse Trailering and Transportation

ServiceService DescriptionRate
TraileringThese rates are for multiple horse loads. Please call for quote on single loads$1.25 per mile;
$100 minimum/Austin
$200 minimum outside of Austin.
TraileringAustin Horseshow Trailering$100.00/roundtrip
Trailer Parking Storage$25.00/month

Vet Medical Care

ServiceService DescriptionRate
Vet StallDaily vet stall$15.00 per day
Vet Paddock$10.00 per day
Medical Applications/Assessments$10.00 per day
ButePer 2mg$5.00
Hand WalkingFor colic, lay ups, emergencies, etc.$25 per hour
Vet Assistance$20.00

Board and Feed

ServiceService DescriptionRate
Daily Board Rate$35.00
Alfalfa$45.00 month
Senior Feed$35.00 month

Horse Sales and Consulting

ServiceService DescriptionRate
Consultation/Horse Purchasing$25.00 per ½ hour
Commissions10 – 15% buying or selling$500.00 minimum

Camp Programs

Our camps combine qualified staff, experienced horses, and impressive facilities to create an experience of a lifetime. We will be offering sessions for beginners through advanced riders and assign each participant a horse or pony of their own to ride and care for. Through each rider’s daily responsibilities, participants learn the basics of good horsemanship, make lasting friendship, and gain independence and confidence.

Corporate Events

What do horses and leadership have in common? More than you think.
White Fences offers facilities for Corporate events for groups from 8 to 30 people. We can customize sessions, trail rides for groups of 4 to 6 at a time, catered lunches and we can schedule Hunter/Jumper sessions for the team to watch. Call for more information, we can customize the experience for your team.