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Camps for Young Riders

Horses: The Great Teacher

Our camps are specifically designed and tailored with the young rider in mind. The camp will focus on: How to warm up, run practice tests, introduction to scribing and judging, introduction to musical freestyle (riding to music), cavaletti work, how to design a jump course and caprilli lessons. All these tools will help your young rider reach the next level. What does riding teach the next generation? Experience, setting and accomplishing goals, working with a partner, networking, making new friends, self confidence, support and encouragement for themselves, others and their equine partner!

Because riding and learning should be fun we have games on and off horseback. We have friendly competition and awards for best musical freestyle, best jump course design, bravest and much more! Participants must be in a lesson program in order to participate in our camps.

Need a gift idea? We have gift certificates that can go towards these camps and lessons!

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