Meet our school horses

All our school horses are worked three times a week, by our trainers, as taught by the classical dressage masters. While many clients will enjoy sitting on our horses, and effortlessly learning the feel of dressage movements such as: a shoulder-in, half-pass, travers, renvers, leg yield and other advanced movements, we believe in supporting our school horses as well. Classical Dressage Training allows us to do this by creating and maintaining enough muscle on the horse so that teaching is easy for them. We train their mind by moving their body through a specific set of exercises. Dressage preserves and prolongs the soundness of the horse. Because everyone deserves to have the pleasure of riding a well trained, well balanced horse. Every horse should have the privileged of being well taken care of.

  • Halflinger

Aviators Gold

I am a barn favorite with my gorgeous mane and tale. I am a registered Halflinger that was lucky enough to find their way to Texas from Amish country. I am also very talented, quick learner and can teach you how to ride dressage. I am very versatile as I can do flat work, cavaletti work as well as some (small) jumps. I am not very tall but I am very flexible and supple! I love to go on trail rides as long as I get to go first! When riding me, I like soft hands and someone that looks where they are going so I know where to go. Anyone with a treat is my immediate friend (though I will give everyone a nice nuzzle!). People say I am sweet and have a very good sense of humor. My nick name is golden tatter :)


My name is Rudy and I am half Percheron and half Andalusian gelding. Would you believe that I am just 5 years old! I love to teach students how to do dressage, I'm just a baby learning first level movements and dipping my toe in second level. I love do do cavaletti work, trail rides and can jump. I am big and strong but don't let my size fool you. I have a heart of gold and my trot is so smooth!! I also know a few tricks. I can lay down and sit like a dog :)

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Trained to third level Dressage, I have shown in many shows and definitely wow the judges. No one can resist my quiet elegance and my beautiful paint coat. Gentle and talented, no one can resist my large, soft brown eyes! When they ride me, they love my personality and smooth walk, trot and canter. Come visit me under one of the large oaks in my pasture.

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I have been focusing on my mane and tail….Oh yeah! I am a pony with attitude! Wait to you see me in action! I have a huge white blaze, (some call it bald) and I have quite the head of hair! You should see my mane! Then walk around and check out my tail! Woohoo! Need an experienced, small rider that wants to have fun. I can jump and dressage!! I can do it all!!

  • Castro_Grey_Box+Coming+Soon.jpg

Charlie Brown

Everyone knows I am one of the best at trail rides, teaching lessons and summer camp. You bet! My favorite thing is to find yummy grass to snatch while at work. I have to admit, I have been known to even eat bluebonnets (is that wrong?). I’m a bay with black mane and tail and look very dapper in my western and english gear. I am working on my dressage moves and I am coming along nicely. I look forward to being able to teach beginner dressage students!

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Tucker is a little guy with a big attitude. He is the boss horse in the pasture, can do first level dressage and take you out for a trail ride. Tucker is part halflinger so he has a beautiful flowing mane that is so big it sometimes prevents him from seeing! We have to make sure that he is always braided. Tucker is kind, gentle and patient!!

  • Castro_Grey_Box+Coming+Soon.jpg


Guess what color I am?! Yep! Copper! My best friend is Charlie Brown and we always go on trail rides together. I don’t like to eat as much on the trail like my bud CB, but I like to take people out through the Texas woods. You will be glad to know that jaguars no longer roam these woods, I know that I am! My favorite thing on the trail? Besides CB? Getting to see the seasonal changes, the Texas flowers, prickly pears, dew berries (yeah, I have a sensitive side inside my manly exterior). I am also being trained to learn classical dressage and I'm a super fast learner. I can do shoulder-in and am comfortable on long lines, side reins and lunging!!