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Our Team

The staff is not only the best in class and attentive but they are active participants in recognized horse shows, providing you the expertise that comes with years of experience and training. Staff and Boarders at White Fences have worked their way up the Dressage levels having earned many medeals medals. We would love to help you join our team of winners.

meet the speyers

Silvia & Jack Speyer, Owners of White Fences Equestrian Center


“These days horses are rare even to Texans.” The first time you meet Silvia Speyer, you will be impressed by her preternaturally large eyes. She exudes an air of calm assurance; she is a rock. “Walk with me,” she says. “Let's go see the horses.” Hailing from New York and Virginia, Silvia got here as fast as she could to be with horses under the big Texas sky. She trained as a dressage rider at White Fences for 15 years. One day, White Fences’ prior owner, Barbara Piccini, asked if Silvia was interested in taking over the business. In August 2017, the Speyers happily purchased White Fences from Ms. Piccini.

“We are honored to be owners of one of the most beautifully-designed equine properties in greater Austin,” says Silvia. “The attention to detail and craftsmanship is exceptional. I’ve spent nearly half of my adult life at White Fences.”

Within seconds of your barn tour, you realize she knows every horse on her property like the back of her hand. Her mind is an encyclopedia of horse foibles, health charts, owners’ preferences. Nothing...

Daemie Kennedy, Austin Dressage Instructor and Trainer

Dressage Trainer, Instructor and Director of Dressage for Young Riders

Daemie is a USDF Bronze and Silver Medalist and an ARIA Certified Instructor Level 1 in Dressage. In addition, she is professional member of United States Pony Club (USPC). Daemie's philosophy for riding is to have fun and build relations with each other, and with the horses, to have an ongoing commitment to the sport, be role models and demonstrate good sportsmanship. She encourages students to be part of the USDF and/or...

Sylwia Reshel, Dressage Instructor and Trainer

Dressage Instructor & Trainer

Sylwia comes to us from *Legacy Hill Farms, Castle Rock, Colorado. Sylwia was a working student of Michelle Lauber, Training through Grand Prix movements for competition and sales. One of the horses that she rode at LHF is currently in training with Laura Graves and is a potential Olympic Mount.

Ms. Reshel was awarded her English Instructor License from the Ministry of Sports in Poland in 2010. She has worked with multiple trainers and...

Debbie Seymour, Hunter/Jumper Instructor

Hunter/Jumpers Instructor & Trainer

Debbie Seymour began her hunter/jumper career in 1984 at Westbridge Equestrian in Austin, Texas. While in college at Texas A&M, she was a teacher’s assistant in the equestrian program. She has 24 years instructing the values of horsemanship and sportsmanship to riders of all ages. Debbie firmly believes in establishing a good foundation in riding basics, providing riders an opportunity to challenge themselves, and teaching respect and...

Carol Schmickrath, Dressage Trainer

Visiting Dressage Trainer and Instructor

“If you see it and you’re hooked immediately, then it’s for you.” In March 2018, we began inviting Carol to teach our students. Carol and her husband Richard own 180 acres in Georgetown, Texas known as Brookstone Farm, where they breed Dutch Warmbloods and a long list of top FEI (Federation Equestre Internationale) horses. They trained with the legendary Oberbereiter (Chief Rider) Franz Rochowansky of the...

Daniel, Ranch Hand at White Fences Equestrian Center

Ranch Manager

Comes to us from stints in several local barns. He has been working with horse facilities for over 10 years. He drives care of the horses and making sure everything and everyone gets taken care of on time and as specified. Daniel drives process and care improvements every day.

Martin, Ranch Hand at White Fences Equestrian Center

Ranch Hand 

Martin has been with us since 2001 and knows the ins and outs of everything, every horse and our clients specific needs.