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Our Team

The staff is not only the best in class and attentive but they are active participants in recognized horse shows, providing you the expertise that comes with years of experience and training. Staff and Boarders at White Fences have worked their way up the show ring having earned their medals (Dressage), high points and ribbons. We would love to help you join our team of winners.

meet the speyers

Silvia & Jack Speyer, Owners of White Fences Equestrian Center


“These days horses are rare even to Texans.” The first time you meet Silvia Speyer, you will be impressed by her preternaturally large eyes. She exudes an air of calm assurance; she is a rock. “Walk with me,” she says. “Let's go see the horses.” Hailing from New York and Virginia, Silvia got here as fast as she could to be with horses under the big Texas sky. She trained as a dressage rider at White Fences for 15 years. One day, White Fences’ prior owner, asked if Silvia was interested in taking over the business. In August 2017, the Speyers happily purchased White Fences.

“We are honored to be owners of one of the most beautifully-designed equine properties in greater Austin,” says Silvia. “The attention to detail and craftsmanship is exceptional. I’ve spent nearly half of my adult life at White Fences.”

Within seconds of your barn tour, you realize she knows every horse on her property like the back of her hand. Her mind is an encyclopedia of horse foibles, health charts, owners’ preferences. Nothing escapes her attention. A current client...


Assistant Dressage Instructor & Trainer

Amalia comes to us with a wealth of knowledge and experience. She started riding in California at a young age focusing primarily on western disciplines. When she later moved back to Texas she immediately started looking for a way to become plugged into the horse world, which is when she found a therapeutic riding center for special needs, at risk youth, and veteran students to come and focus on the healing power of horses. She quickly became...


Hunter/Jumper Trainer and Instructor

Caitlin Hudson, Lacy's eldest daughter, and trainer at Empire Acres, has been riding horses since she was 4 years old. She grew up riding under the likes of Steve Hummel, Susan and Bill McMorris. During her Junior years, she had a successful career in Equitation – qualifying for Maclay Regionals, Pessoa Medal Finals, Dover Saddlery/USEF Hunter Seat Medal Finals, Devon Hunterdon Cup Equitation Classic,...

Dressage trainer

Assistant Dressage Instructor & Trainer

Emily started riding and showing in 2004 as a Hunter/Jumper. She grew up as a “barn rat”, riding every horse she could. In her jumping days, she was selected for and rode in the Emerging Athletes Program with Olympian Melanie Smith Taylor. She also rode and competed in IHSA for Texas State University.

Emily found her even bigger passion for classical dressage. She finds nothing more rewarding than watching a harmonious dressage ride...

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Dressage Head Instructor and Trainer

Jennifer (Jenny) Foss is a Dressage professional originally from Walton-on-Thames, England. Jenny has dedicated the last decade to the industry running a successful Dressage stable for over 10 years while continuing her education and competing at shows.

After starting Dressage at a young age at a local Dressage Academy Jenny fell in love with the details of the sport, and all aspects of meticulous horse care. In 2011 Jenny’s dreams of...


Hunter/Jumper Trainer & Instructor

Lacy began riding in Austin, Texas in 1977, showing successfully locally and on the national level throughout her childhood. Over the course of her junior years, Lacy worked with Steve Hummel, William Martin, George Sayo, Mike McCormick, Orley Dehoyas, and Phoebe Johnson, and competed in her first Grand Prix at age 14. During her high school years, Lacy focused on equitation, going on to win several medals in the AHSA, USEF, and Maclay, as...