Additional Services - A La Carte +

Winter Blanketing

Blanketing services available during winter months. Fee is for two blankets. Customization available for a fee. We suggest a light sheet and a medium blanket both waterproof: $55.00/per month. Seasonal blanketing available, If paid at the beginning of the season, $250.00 for November through March.


Show baths, fungus baths, medical baths $35.00


Worming: Includes wormer (required every other month). $20 per application


  • Tack up and Untack: Groom will tack your horse and untack them – $20.00
  • Natural trim: $50.00
  • Farrier Assistance, bringing up for other service providers: $20.00
  • Damage to Facilities: Cost plus labor


Applicable for horses in stalls from May - Oct, depending on weather: $35/month. Cost of fan and timer are a separate amount. We only use fans that are approved for agricultural use and have a closed motor for the safety of our horses.


  • Trace Clip: Classic trace clip $125.00
  • Clipping: Bridle path, whiskers, legs, throat latch, ears, eyes, coronet band, tail $50+
  • Body Clipping: Full body clipping $175.00
  • Mane Puling: Pulling of mane $55+

Cleaning of Tack

  • Basic Tack Cleaning: $10.00
  • Thorough Tack Cleaning and Oiling: $50.00