Nori Cain

Assistant Trainer - H/J and Dressage

Since childhood, Nori has been captivated by the bond between horse and rider, a passion that has driven her to excel in both Hunter/Jumper and Dressage disciplines. Her equestrian journey began in 1994, at the age of three, under the guidance of Connemara importer and breeder Laura Carpenter. This early start paved the way for her path to mastery, ultimately leading her to find her true calling in classical Dressage.

Nori's unwavering commitment to the equestrian world is evident in her dedication to fostering dynamic connections between riders and their horses. As an instructor, she emphasizes empathy and a deep understanding of biomechanics, helping riders develop their skills with confidence and determination. Her expertise in rider positioning and alignment has enabled numerous partnerships to achieve enhanced rhythm, flexibility, communication, energy, and collection.

With an educational background in Psychology, Nori brings a unique perspective to equestrian training, blending patience and precision to support the development of both horse and rider. Her holistic approach ensures that every rider she works with can cultivate their abilities and achieve their equestrian goals.