Jennifer (Jenny) Foss

Head Trainer & Dressage Instructor

Jennifer Foss, also known as Jenny, is a highly experienced and passionate Dressage professional who was born in Walton-on-Thames, England. As a child she moved a great deal. Over the past fifteen years, she has dedicated herself to the industry, running a successful Dressage stable and competing in shows while continuing to expand her knowledge.

Jenny discovered her love for Dressage at a young age while attending a local Dressage Academy. She was captivated by the intricacies of the sport and the meticulous care required for horses. In 2011, she fulfilled her dream of owning her own facility when she purchased Ivory Hills Stable in Wilson, WI. There, she focused on three key areas to become a well-rounded horsewoman: Care, Horsemanship, and Classical Dressage. Jenny worked with Ken Larson for two years, learning Natural Horsemanship and young horse starting techniques that have significantly influenced her program. Kris Hansen taught her about specialized care, bringing along and maintaining special needs horses, and the biomechanics of horses. Jenny has also consistently trained with Grand Prix Dressage rider Adam J. Steffens, as well as others for eight years and attends clinics with other top riders. She prioritizes education while developing her own competition horses from the ground up.

During her time running Ivory Hills Stable, Jenny earned her bronze medal and rider achievement awards through third level, ridden in multiple regional championships and US Finals, and her students have won regional championships, competed in US Finals, and Seat Medal finals. Jenny is passionate about training young and junior riders, instilling good horsemanship, and proper basics.

After enduring 10 Midwest winters, Jenny decided to seek warmer weather for a better quality of life for her and her animals. In 2021, she sold Ivory Hills Stable and found her new home at White Fences Equestrian Center in Texas. She is excited to continue developing her homebred horses to FEI levels and guiding students to success with their animals, from beginner to Grand Prix. As a Head Dressage Instructor and Trainer, Jenny brings her passion, expertise, and dedication to the sport to help others achieve their goals.