Driften Peppy Olena - Sold

Ms. Peppy Olena AKA Gracie or Grace is a beautiful, registered Quarter horse mare. Grace is ten years old (10) and has solid foundation in Dressage and natural horsemanship training.  She is a superb athlete with a solid mind.  She can move quickly and has a sweet disposition.  Grace was originally purchased to be in our school program but alas, she prefers to bond with one person instead of many.  Grace is a rock star having taken a bride down the isle, while 250 people were watching and taking pictures.  She was then chosen to be one of the horses for West World for their SXSW event.  There was shooting on set, a train and was dotted on by about 10,000 people.  She was such a crowd favorite that she was asked to participate in downtown Austin for another event hosted by HBO - Game of Thrones.  Grace loves attention, will pose for the camera at any point and yet, remains modest.  This girl loves an adventure, she loves to go on trail rides, can move like the wind, can do dressage (although not her favorite).  Grace is up for anything, we have dressed her up for Halloween in several costumes, she has been used in horse anatomy lessons for our Young Riders Program, she is easy going and will try her heart out.  She is an easy keeper, can live in a herd of horses - not a lead mare - and is up to date on all her vaccinations and floating. Grace will stand in the cross ties quietly, trailer loads like a professional and is incredibly intelligent.  Don't pass up the opportunity to own this wonderful mare, versatile mare.  Being offered at $9,500.  

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Grace Video coming soon!