It took 5 months before I cantered again. In those 5.months many small, tiny things happened to me:

We figured out posting trot, sitting trot, leg yield, should​er​-in, 3 loop serpentines, haunches in, haunches out, 10M circles, extended trot. I don't know how or when it happened but it did. Every day we slowly became like a team? Perhaps even friends? His work ethic is impeccable. But he expects you to match it and be there for him. He has stallion moments where he tells me not today's sister. Did I mention he was a stallion for 8 years (until I imported him). I insist like a little sibling or an annoying gnat. I have all day...he gives up quickly thank God. This horse has pushed me out of my comfort zone like no other, then meets me on the other side and pushes me more. When we work together it is a dance, harmony. A feeling I have not felt in a long time. When​ I am not present or hesitant he calls me out. I love him and at the same time makes me so uncomfortable. BUT guess what? I can canter now and sit his trot. He has taught me ​that it's ok to be afraid and face the fears. To embrace the fear but not move in with it. He has pushed me like no other - and all the credit goes to his ability to embrace change... but as I look back I see my trainer: Slowly, gently, pushing me forward. Making jokes when I want to cry, telling me stories when I want to get off. Asking for one more transition when she really means 2 million more. The horses before Remy - all those horses that took my harsh hands and made them soft...that taught me timing, that taught me feel. All those kind, patient souls that allowed me the opportunity to ride. To the trainers that took the time to teach me to post the trot. That introduced me to the sport. I am forever grateful and will not forget your kindness. ​

​So...all this to say that it's good to have dreams, but they require lots of hard work and the right team. Here's to all the wonderful people (and animals) in your life :)