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Saddle Club@ White Fences

The Saddle Club is all about horses, riding, and friendship which is exactly what this program is all about. Our lesson program is designed to cultivate and grow young rider’s love of horses. We believe in orchestrating fun, challenging activities that are focused on building a community of passionate young equestrians. Students receive hands on learning and interaction with their peers as well as the horses in an effort to motivate their development into successful equestrians. Our lesson programs are designed to take young riders on an ideal horse riding adventure! Each child receives individualized, safe instruction and environment with customized activities to fit their learning styles and physical abilities. Our instructor has a wealth of patience, experience, professional and teaching ideas! Students learn balance, steering and finding their cadence and rhythm on the horse. Safety and personal attention provide a fun and learning filled experience for each student. Riding ability and progression at this age depends a lot on interest, attention, physical strength and coordination, and the ability to listen to instruction. Students will be periodically evaluated to determine skill advancement through the levels. The instructor will make recommendations as to when student may move to the Young Rider's Program. We offer fun camps for saddle club members. Please contact us for dates and times.

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