Skye Simpson

Assistant Dressage Instructor and Trainer

Skye Simpsons dressage journey began in San Antonio, Texas at 7 years old. By the age of 8 she began competing and by the age of 15 she knew that it was going to be her career. She moved from her home in Texas and became a working student with numerous FEI trainers, and gold medalists. From working in northern California, Florida and returning to Houston, Texas she gained tremendous knowledge and experience. With each opportunity she grew both her knowledge and ability to train dressage horses. A typical day would grant her the opportunity to ride between 5-10 dressage horses in addition to competing on numerous sale horses, teach lessons to clients and train client horses. Skye became a head trainer in Southern California at 18 with a top KWPN breeder & judge. Skye states "The most fulfilling part of my journey has been the ability to move all over the U.S. to train and work with numerous FEI trainers. I learned many different methods and exercises that I can incorporate into every horse and rider based on feel, connection and combining that with their needs and goals" Skye's current competition goal is to continue developing her imported Oldenburg mare (dance) to Grand Prix, and compete in the FEI under 25 Grand Prix. Skye Simpson taps into a horse and rider’s energy to create a winning connected partnership both in the ring and out. She is skilled at starting young horses, solving horse-training blocks, improving your competition scores while building riding confidence.


  • Professionally Trained by International & National Dressage Trainers
  • NAYC 2019 Team Bronze Medalist
  • 2019 Ranked #9 in North America
  • USDF Silver and Bronze Medalist
  • Training, First & Second Rider Performance Awards
  • Competed FEI Levels up to intermediate - I
  • Competed Internationally
  • L Program - Judge Training
  • Competitor at the Festival of champions in Chicago, in the FEI young riders (aka Prix St. George)Winner of the Leading athlete award in the FEI young riders 2021 in the region 9 CDI


  • Trained professionally in natural horsemanship
  • Specializes in young horse training and confidence building
  • Piaffe & Passage expertise from Spanish Riding School