Carol Schmickrath, Dressage Trainer

Carol Schmickrath

Visiting Dressage Trainer and Instructor

“If you see it and you’re hooked immediately, then it’s for you.” In March 2018, we began inviting Carol to teach our students. Carol and her husband Richard own 180 acres in Georgetown, Texas known as Brookstone Farm, where they breed Dutch Warmbloods and a long list of top FEI (Federation Equestre Internationale) horses. They trained with the legendary Oberbereiter (Chief Rider) Franz Rochowansky of the Spanish Riding School in Vienna, Austria and Olympic dressage trainer for USA, Britain and the Netherlands. If you have ever been to the Spanish Riding School, you should know that the gorgeous chandeliers that still stand in the imperial arena are only there because Rocky hid them from German troops during WWII!

Rocky passed away in 2001, teaching many American riders all he knew. Carol and Richard carry on his legacy, along with those of the many masters they have learned from like Lilo Fore, Walter Zettl, Michael Poulin, Michelle Gibson and Lars Peterson. Carol received the USDF Gold Medal Rider Award. She has shown her horse Bombardier at the Grand Prix, who was the alternate horse for the 1992 Equestrian Olympics in Barcelona, Spain. She has a proven track record of bringing horse and rider up the levels. Currently she has five students working towards Grand Prix shows and several others working on USDF Bronze and Silver Medal Rider Awards.