A Promising Dressage Talent

Are you an experienced rider seeking a remarkable equine partner? Look no further! Grace, our stunning grey mare, is searching for her perfect match. With a solid foundation (she is after all in full-time dressage training), she's ready to embark on an exciting journey towards excellence. This exceptional opportunity awaits the right person to bring out her full potential.

🌟 Price and Contact: $12,000 obo to the perfect home. Serious inquiries are invited to contact us for more details and to arrange a meeting with Grace. Don't miss out on the opportunity to embark on an unforgettable journey with this captivating grey mare!

🌟 Note: We prioritize the welfare and happiness of our horses, and ensuring the right match is crucial. Therefore, prospective buyers will be subject to a thorough screening process to ensure compatibility and the best possible outcome for both Grace and her future rider. Don't hesitate to contact us today to discover more about Grace and how you can become her partner in achieving dressage excellence!

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🌟 Grace's Profile:

β€’ Breed: Canadian Sport horse

β€’ Gender: Mare

β€’ Training: Dressage Solid first level, schooling second level movements

β€’ Experience Level: Intermediate to Advanced

β€’ Temperament: Responsive and Spirited

β€’ Age: 14 years old (young at heart!)

🌟 What Makes Grace Special? Grace is a captivating beauty with an elegant presence that turns heads wherever she goes. Her graceful movements and natural talent for dressage make her an exceptional project for someone with experience in refining and polishing a diamond in the rough. With the right guidance and partnership, she has the potential to blossom into a true dressage star.

🌟 Ideal Rider: We are looking for an experienced rider who understands the nuances of dressage and can provide Grace with the consistent training she deserves. Patience, skill, and a deep understanding of classical dressage principles will be essential. If you're seeking a remarkable project that offers immense fulfillment and rewards, Grace could be the perfect fit for you.

🌟 Health and Care: Grace is in excellent health, receiving regular veterinary check-ups, vaccinations, and dental care. She is well-mannered during grooming, shoeing, and bathing. Her current diet consists of high-quality forage and a balanced diet tailored to her training needs.